Weekly Activities 03092017

Assalamualaikum n good day Trendmakers!

Here we are again.. While other people spend time n money in shopping mall on weekends, we are here to learn new things, sharing about this opportunity and grow together as a business partner..
For the new people, it requires lots of hard work and efforts.. But don't worry coz it is only few months.. Remember Hard Work pays! Once ur business grow, u can live your dream life 😊.
While for me, I'm sacrifice my Adha Mubarak with my family once coz of too much responsibility here in India. But I promised myself to spend time with them later in December maybe for some vacation..
Here I shared our activities today..
If you are interested to live your dream life do pm me Ms Zaza at +60172540088


Preparation for the new office inauguration on 5th September 2017..
can't wait to move to this new office, Bigger & better facilities to   accommodate the business expansion. See u there guys!
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Crystalcell - An Amazing Product for an Amazing People!

Crystalcell .. A Miracle Product for everyone!!
Phytoscience has come out with a new product enhancement called Crystalcell. The launched of this new product has been held at Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel on 23rd July 2017. 

This new product formula has been improved with additional ingredients called Crystal Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum) which contains Phytoene & Phytofluene specially for anti-aging. 

Lets try this product in order for you to reverse your aging and look younger & healthier. 

Some of the launching event photos as below, a great Hi Tea program arranged for all the Trendmakers!

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THROWBACK.. Trend makers Recognition Day "Above The Sky"


Its a busy week for me and my team to get things in place. Our system has been closed since yesterday to allow all my India Residence team to change their country of residence. This activity will last for 5 days.

To all my India Residence Phytoscience members, feel free to watch this video as your motivation to success. You can do it my great leader!! Nothing is impossible in this world!!



Phytoscience Trendmakers - a preparation


It's a very good Sunday here in Pune. I wake up with a +ve mood and +ve thoughts about everything..

It's Phytoscience Trendmakers India office preparation for launching.. just have a few ideas to enhance the current office n we call upon a designer to help us..

It's only two weeks before d launching. Lots of preparation to be done n I hope everything goes well as per planned.

Thanks a lot to my business partner.. the one who always work hard to realize the launching in India. I will b here to support u ya..:-)

Good things will comes later.. I love the people around me who always there for me when I need them.. most important is I love myself..




Hey There! I'm Back after a year been very quite.. lots of things happened to me last year..i'm too busy to service my team members until i forgot about my beloved blog.. many improvements required to ensure this blog will be the most visited blog for Phytoscience members..

Today is the most happiest day in my life when company has announced officially that they are launching in India on 14th March 2016. After a year of hardwork and frustration (hahaha..too emotional) finally my hard work pays..

currently I'm in India doing all documentation and preparation for the launching.. its really amazing opportunity that i've never imagined before..
pray to Allah that everything will be fine..

I've been pampered a lot when i was here.. too much food and good things happened.. i love this freedom and praise to Allah for his blessing..

got to go now.. many tasks have yet to complete.. and wish me all the best for the launching..

** too good to be true.. that from a normal person can have her own office and business in other country.. Thank You Phytoscience.. We are the trend Maker!!


HALAL Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).. apa kne mengena?


Alhamdulillah..kebenaran pasti terbukti!!

Tertarik Cik Zaza nk review semula kes HALAL Phytoscience Double Stemcell yg sangat kecoh beberapa bulan yg lalu. Propaganda media social yg dengki dengan kejayaan Phytoscience ni sangat hebat Sampai ada yg buang produk DS ni sbb katanya syubhah & tak Halal.. Penat cik zaza dok explain pasal issue halal ni..ramai pulak tu yg xpuas hati..haish..

Bulan ni Cik Zaza dapat la tengok sijil asal HALAL yg diluluskan di indonesia utk produk DS. Apa kena mengena dengan Phytoscience DS Malaysia? Yelah kn..masa kecoh2 tu cik zaza ada tunjuk yg produk DS dh dpt Halal di Indonesia..cuma di Malaysia permohonan dh dibuat..cuma proses n documentasi yg mnyebabkn proses tu terganggu seketika. tp ramai jugak yg mghentam..katanya sijil beli.

Jom kita tengok apa bezanya DS dgn Produk KOPIKO ni?

Kenapa media social yg dengki dgn Phytoscience boleh setuju produk KOPIKO NI HALAL TP TIDAK PHYTOSCIENCE DOUBLE STEMCELL? Kenapa Double standard wahai page SAHABAT HALAL & page SAY NO TO MLM?
Cik zaza confuse dgn org2 yg cenggini..islam d indonesia tak sama ke dgn islam di Malaysia?

Alhamdulillah..info terkini dari Dato Zakri Ismail selaku Chairman Phytoscience sebenarnya JAKIM dh lulus pon permohonan HALAL DS.. anytime sijil Akn kuar dr Cyberjaya..So kita tunggu jelah ye..

Yang pasti produk DS ni memang halal..

Yang nk merasa kebaikan produk dan teringin nk income terpaksa kaya macam group Khalaf VC ni cepat2 hubungi Zaza 0172540088..